Pour Moi, l'Art est une Coup De Foudre.

Contemporary award-winning artist, Lillian Markowski-Black was born on the east coast of Canada. Inherently imaginative and expressive, she never envisioned anything other than being an artist and naturally followed an artistic path, living a life immersed in creativity.

Once freed from the limiting confines & boredom of high school Lillian studied graphic art and design in college. During college she began acquiring contract work as an illustrator and landing freelance jobs as a textile designer and colorist simply by word of mouth. As she built a strong creative reputation, Lillian quickly gained a devoted clientele.

More creative work followed and after graduating from college she embarked on a career as an in-house graphic designer for major textile companies, working from ideas & pattern concepts through to designing, illustrating and overseeing fabric production directly with the textile mills.

With an inquiring mind and always interested in expanding her creative life, Lillian began taking courses in metalsmithing to be able to fabricate jewelry and studied at the Interior Design Institute when she relocated to the west coast. On the fine art side of things, she was always painting outside of the design environment and after much soul-searching and successful years in the graphics field, she decided to set aside her full time commercial art career to pursue her fine arts degree. Accepted into Concordia University's BFA program, Lillian returned to working as a freelance graphic artist while attending university full time.

As a studio arts major Lillian explored a diverse range of artistic media and studied art history extensively, particularly ethnographic art. Ultimately focusing her portfolio and passion on painting and photography.

While at university Lillian had the opportunity to continue her fine art studies in an artist residency in France under Paris-based painter Hanibal Srouji, dividing her time between a studio in the city of Nimes in Provence and Paris.

Lillian has also been very fortunate to have studied under the eminent and influential abstract painter Guido Molinari as well as renowned Canadian artist Toni Onley.

With a  dynamic, gestural style and a masterful use of color, Lillian's artistic identity is one of a compelling and intuitive visual artist with an eclectic multidisciplinary arts background. Lillian is also an accomplished photographer, a trained silversmith, art educator and an avid traveler living in her element on the beautiful west coast of Canada.

Collectors & buyers alike have said that 'Lillian's paintings emanate a calming energy, bringing a sense of serenity to the viewer" & that "Her use of lush palettes radiate with a luminous quality."

Lillian is a published, international selling artist & has been involved in numerous exhibitions, independent shows and events.Her work has been exhibited in national and international venues and galleries and can be found in many private collections.

Lillian Black works out of her studio at the 100 Braid St Artist Studios just outside of Vancouver. 

Lillian received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Concordia University in Montreal and a Collegiate AEC Degree (attestation d'études collégiales) in Graphic Art & Design from Montreal's Academie Des Arts.

Lillian is also a graduate of the Interior Design Institute & is a juried member in The Federation Of Canadian Artists.





Certified Art Instructor


Recognized by The Decorator & Designers Association of Canada                     Certified Interior Decorators Intl. & IARC

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