To see beyond any preconceptions is what abstract art should awaken and encourage.


Conceptually, as a painter, my focus has always been to convey my reverence for the natural world by translating the recognizable into the abstract. 

As an avid traveler, the creative energy I derive from being in the midst of incredible and diverse natural panoramas and places is inspiration for the direction of much of my work. 

I am also very passionate about photography and many of my paintings begin with a photograph as muse as I re-interpret each of these relationships of time, place and mood, intuitively, using an organic, free-flowing style.

I am not interested in re-creating a realistic study but rather capturing a much deeper, instinctual visual narrative of  'the memory of  the  experience'  and to illuminate that through my work.

I paint mainly in acrylics but you might find watercolor, inks, encaustic, oils and other media in my works, as inspiration calls.

My paintings originate from personal observation, but there is more to the world than meets the eye, and for me, that is where the fascination lies.

In my work, the awareness of the world shifts, re-awakening emotions true to the original experience, now residing in the abstract. I'm absorbed with recreating vibrancy and hidden energy and in how I communicate that through my work.

As soon as paint touches canvas, like an unexplored enigma, a unique narrative begins by redefining past connections, reminiscent now and again with whispers of the familiar and where the lingering echoes of memory remain. 

My journey is one of introspection, action and reaction, combined with the fluidity of mark making, all influencing how these images are realized. Gestures and motion guide lines and shapes into unexpected and surprising directions & every seemingly random stroke has a place.

The challenge & the gratification is in the working of the medium, in the colours, pigment, texture and in the interaction and involvement of layers. There is an irrepressible and buoyant exploration of colour, space and surface before I can arrive at that moment, those engaging, euphoric places where everything seems to come together. 

For me, art has always been an unavoidable synesthetic dialogue, where the overlapping of  several senses are present throughout the creative process and where there is always that balance of being cognizant of the process and being lost in the moment as the inner creative voice listens to what is happening on the canvas.

I may work on several paintings at the same time until one will draw me into the emerging details and I will continue with just that painting until completed, working pretty much every day to keep the creative vibe flowing.

I need to be in an almost blissful state of mind to paint and I want my work to impart that sense of joy forward.

Along with utilizing brushes and unconventional, unexpected tools to apply the medium, I might use just an unusual found object to paint the entire work, if appropriate for that subject matter.

I also use my hands for a tactile relationship with the work, rapidly mixing color and raw pigment directly on the canvas, creating a choreography of  complex characteristics and intricate details. 

My background in the disciplines of fine art and design both naturally and unconsciously inform the other with

a subliminal language as I paint, although each approach becomes unbound in my process.

My influences have been and are the abstract expressionists, color field works and non-representational art and in reference to my work, the overlapping of the three.

There is an enticing, intrinsic force in the freedom of abstraction, demanding ongoing experimentation in both method and presentation and never setting limits in the pursuit of the unpredictable, unspoken true self through art and where the excitement of taking creative risks can result in a compelling and thought-provoking visual rhythm.

As the participant as well as observer, inevitably I become part of the evolution of every painting, expressing what inspires me and conveying my passion for the subjects I explore and as with any artist in any medium, there are places and things that elicit an emotional response - for me, it is with paint on canvas and through the  lens of a camera where I get to experience and realize these moments and subject matter in a whole new light.

A Few Of My Photographs as Muses......

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