Self-Expression = Self-Liberation

To see beyond any preconceptions is what abstract art should awaken and encourage



I refer to my works as Organic Architecture - where there is more to the world than meets the eye, and for me, that is where the fascination lies. 

Lyrical and engaging, I feel a sense of recognition within these fluid, sensuous forms. Images playing within a specific set of ambiguous  paradigms, evoking thoughts and sensations that perhaps sparkle in our subconscious.

In my paintings my vision of the world shifts into moments of unexplored enigmas and dreamstates, journeys of introspection, spontaneous mark-making, action and reaction, all influencing how these images are realized. These non-objective abstract arrangements somehow exist within the weightless constructs of time and space - curiously hypnotic, floating, interacting, balancing, where at any point in their creation their potential could shift and change direction, position, shape and therefore significance. Gestures and motion guide lines and shapes, where every seemingly random stroke falls into place and there is an irrepressible exploration of colour and space in anticipation of those euphoric, fortunate moments when everything feels right. The canvas merely provides a frame of reference for the anomalous rhythm to generate into a harmonious synthesis and where gravity seems to subside. Negative and positive share the space equally. One is nothing without the other. I want to give these organic shapes a sense of freedom, although bound by the edges of the canvas, they feel as though they could continue on into infinity, free-flowing with the occasional whisper of the familiar. Dreamlike, fantastical landscapes encountered within the unfamiliar realm between the known and the unknown, ultimately persuading the eye and the imagination to move the forms beyond the periphery of the surface and into infinite thought-provoking possibilities.....

The challenge & gratification is in the working of the medium, in abstract thought and in the infinite transformation of the surface. For me, art has always been an engaging synesthetic dialogue, where several senses are present throughout the creative process, being equally aware and lost in the moment and like a spontaneous, enigmatic dance, the inner voice listens to what is happening on the canvas.

My background in the disciplines of fine art and design naturally and unconsciously inform each other with

a subliminal language as I paint, although they become unbound in my approach.

There is an enticing force in the freedom of abstraction, demanding ongoing experimentation in both concept and method, never setting limits in the pursuit of the unpredictable, unspoken true self through art and where the excitement of taking creative risks can result in a compelling and thought-provoking vibrant visual rhythm.

As the participant as well as observer, inevitably I become part of the evolution of every painting, expressing what inspires me and conveying my passion for the subjects I explore. 

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